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Brotherhood Awakening 2024


Join us in the peaceful foothills of Western Australia


Saturday 1ST~ Monday 3RD June 2024

Western Australia Day Long Weekend

COLLABORATION is the way forward


Men of Western Australia and beyond, this is your calling… to lean into a deeper level of connection, a deeper level of support, a deeper level of community, your calling to lean into true brotherhood.

After a few challenging years of social pressures, it is more important than ever to lean into COLLABORATION and allow the shackles of competition to fall away. When we come together & create as a community, we create a deeper level of magic, strength & resilience. And our community needs empowered & heart-centred men, leaders, brothers, now more than ever!!


EVERYONE deserves to be seen, to be heard, and this is an open call to all men.


We call to the Leaders, the Visionaries, the Game Changers, the Revolutionaries, the Rebels, Healers & Creatives, the Men of the Soul, the Elders and the Wisdom Keepers... we call to YOU!!

Brotherhood Awakening

Presenters Application 2024

>>> OPEN SOON <<<




There will be Multiple spaces offering Dynamic Workshops, & Talks

over 3 days of Brotherhood Awakening.


Workshops ⎜Talks



Men's Empowerment, Breathwork, Meditation,  Dance, Intuitive Flow, Yoga, Qi Gong, Primal Movement, Shamanism, Indigenous Practices, Rites of Passage, Cosmic Teachings, Numerology, Sacred Geometry, Astrology Foundational Studies of Life, Philosophy, Sacred Sensuality, Tantra & Sexuality, Creative Arts, Alchemy, Herbalism

What is your Purpose & Power? What sparks your fire?


★   Your workshop will run for 1hr 30mins. Yoga 1hr sessions

★   approx 30min turn around between workshops.

★   One of up to 5 Workshops running simultaneously

★   SATURDAY, SUNDAY & MONDAY  View sample schedule.

★   You will be required to present once or twice.

★   Your workshop may be indoors or outside, in a hall or marquee,

★   WE will accommodate all needs, where possible in a festival

      environment, please be flexible. 

Your workshop will be potent & represent your work in the world. 

This is a 'taster' of what you offer.  Please adjust your offering to suit the timeframe & festival environment.   Yes, your work may require a full day+ experience, however, gift the men a 'good bite' of your larger offering, with the intention of them attending your

events at a later date. 


★   Each talk is approx. 30 mins

★   Talks will be in the communal HUB during breaks & lunch break

★   The potential is to have the space to speak to up to 150+ men

★   Be present and deliver with enthusiasm 

Brotherhood Awakening is very much a collaboration, we at Holistika and Wyld Tribe will anchor the energy & we trust that you will assist us in weaving the collective energy for the benefit of the wider community.


Presenters can make requests of Brotherhood Awakening, however, this must be included in the INITIAL application and will be taken into account during selection.

We want FRESH, DYNAMIC & UNIQUE Workshops each year so please shake things up & offer ORIGINAL workshop proposals.


We will accept multiple applications if you have a number of workshops you offer.


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> > An opportunity to be a part of a groundbreaking experience, right here in Western Australia, to be a pivotal piece of the magic. To work in collaboration with a fine selection of amazing men, all sharing their passions and purpose in the potent, energetic container that is Brotherhood Awakening.  


> > A HUGE promotional opportunity to reach beyond your current network, to those men who have been standing on the sideline, intrigued yet not quite ready to step in. This is the perfect chance to expand the empowering & healing work you currently do, and being a part of something big.


> > ADVERTISING is becoming harder & harder, with technology & algorithms changing the game constantly, or companies wanting a serious investment that doesn't always bring the return you require.  It appears that direct connection with your desired audience offers your greatest success rate in translating to clients & business.


> > Ability to market your own work, sell books, CD's, products and your future events to an audience that WANTS what you are offering!


> > Create a network of men in business, to support one another, not in competition, but with respect & genuine support of one another, in collaboration.


​> > You have the opportunity to participate in the entire weekend, workshops, ceremonies & immerse yourself in the festival. You are then able to fill your own cup, therefore being able to nourish yourself, your loved ones & the community. An opportunity to receive a whole lot of magic & have fun!

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You will be required to present your offering ONCE OR TWICE during the 3 days of Brotherhood Awakening. As part of the Brotherhood Awakening Team, we ask that you assist us in creating the most nourishing experience possible. And to do this we ask that you invest your energy in a number of ways.


PRESENTER TICKET | You will be asked to purchase a Presenter Ticket on receipt of your application being successful. This is a heavily-discounted ticket of $275inc gst, which covers the cost of your accommodation & meals.


ATTENDANCE | You MUST be PRESENT ONSITE from 10am Saturday 3rd June through to the conclusion of the event on Monday 5th June (we are open to discussion). And also be present at the OPENING CEREMONY on Saturday.


PROMOTE | Brotherhood Awakening Festival via all of your channels. Let's share this journey far & wide!


CONNECT | This is essential to expanding the potent energy of the container. We will create a closed Facebook group for Presenters, to share all information required with you & also to connect, share ideas & inspiration leading up to Brotherhood Awakening.  



This is charged simply to cover the cost of your food & accommodation,

you get to participate in the rest of the festival.

Cottage Accommodation > Saturday & Sunday Nights

ALL MAIN MEALS: Saturday Lunch through to Monday Lunch

Access to all the workshops, entertainment & experiences

Full Price 1st Round Ticket $595


* ART & PRODUCT workshop budget $200 to cover art supplies. 

* Invoice Required. Paid after the Festival

* Ticketbooth fees apply. 

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Sample Schedule

12pm Welcome Ceremony
Workshop Session #1
Workshop Session #2
Dinner in Cottages
Songs by the Fire

Early Movement Sessions
Breakfast & Talks
Group activation Session
Workshop Session #3
Lunch & Talks
Workshop Session #4
Dinner & Entertainment Evening Ceremony

Early Movement Sessions Breakfast & Talks
Workshop Session #5

Workshop Session #6
Lunch & Talks
Closing Ceremony
(finish by 2pm)

Please note: the ceremonies and group activations are designed for ALL ATTENDEES to participate. They will be primarily facilitated and supported by the the festival leaders and Elders, although there will be opportunities for everyone to play a role. There will be up to 5 workshops running simultaneously in each workshop session.


Contact us here



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