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What to Bring

Brothers, we encourage you to bring along all the essentials that YOU need in order to make your experience as comfortable & nourishing as you require. Here's a list of the ESSENTIALS:

  • Firstly, an open mind & as much enthusiasm as you can pack!

  • ALL LINEN & BEDDING for a single bed. No linen is provided & it will get COLD!!

  • Pillow, towel & toiletries.

  • Earplugs & a sleeping mask if you need it.

  • Phone charger & power board/adaptor.

  • A floor cushion & yoga mat, or low stool/yoga chair.


  • Please bring your own filtered water if you wish. We don’t supply filtered water.

  • WARM CLOTHING Whatever is comfortable for YOU. Include clothes for physical activity that you can move freely in.

  • Wet weather clothing (keep an eye on weather).

  • Enclosed shoes (and thongs/sandals if you wish).

  • Torch/headlamp.

  • Keep cup, travel mug for coffee/tea.

  • Journal & pen.


  • Drum/didge/tapping sticks, other musical instruments.

  • Insect repellent.

  • Swimmers/bathers (the pool is open for cold dips).

  • Ceremony/altar items.

  • Ceremonial clothing (ponchos etc).

  • Your own coffee/tea (a coffee van is on site too)

  • Extra snacks if you wish.​

  • Camping chair.


  • FAIRBRIDGE VILLAGE, Fairbridge Road, Pinjarra, 6208


Important Info​


  • Check-in begins from 10am Saturday 3rd June for both FULL-FESTIVAL TICKETS & IGNITION DAY-PASSES.
  • Opening ceremony begins at 12pm sharp. Please do everything possible to be here before 12pm to ensure we begin the journey together. We wouldn’t want you missing such a crucial part of the festival
  • Stick to the left-hand side as you enter the village, someone will guide you in.
  • Please park your vehicle safely, leaving the main access road clear, then walk
  • across to check-in.
  • The TIMETABLE IS LIVE – We encourage you to see what resonates but also leave some space for discovery!


You will be allocated your rooms at check in.

    • Due to OHS please do not change your allocated rooms.

    • Fridge & Kitchen is available in each cottage.

    • YES, there is power. Bring a double adapter or power board if needed.​​


  • Full-festival Ticket Holders - Check-out will be on Monday morning. The Closing Ceremony will end around 2pm. The expectation is you stay for the FULL WEEKEND. Should you need to leave earlier, please let one of the leaders know.
  • Ignition Day-pass Ticket Holders - You will be required to be checked out and leave site prior to 9am on Sunday the 4th.


Festival Experiences

SATURDAY 12PM | Opening Ceremony

  • Opening Ceremony & Acknowledgement to Country in the Open Space.

  • We welcome you as a man upon this land, an introduction to the spirits of this land and an introduction to the ground-breaking experience you are a part of this weekend.

  • It’s with great honour that our indigenous brothers are here to welcome us to this sacred Bindjareb Noongar Boodja, to weave their culture and magic into the weekend, and to bless us all in their unique traditional ways.

  • May we all pay respect and reverence to those who walked before us, those who walk with us and those who walk after us.

  • Bring an open heart, open mind & your intention, what you’re calling in for the weekend.

SATURDAY EVENING 8PM | Songs by the Fire

  • For hundreds, if not thousands of years, we as men have gathered by the fire. Sharing stories, dancing, singing and celebrating brotherhood.

  • Join us as we gather once again with music, song and stories, to further deepen our connection to ourselves and others. Please feel free to bring your acoustic instruments along to join in the fun.

​SUNDAY MORNING 9AM | Group Activation

  • We will gather as men, as brothers and each meet our inner warrior through a series of powerful movements, breathwork, chanting and more. This activation is your time to fully step in, to meet your edge, and to ignite the fire within.

  • Brothers, let this be the moment you meet your warrior once again!

  • Wear comfortable clothing that you can move in and get dirty.

​SUNDAY EVENING 8PM | Fire Ceremony

  • Tonight is the Fire Ceremony, where we tap into the collective flame of the community fire and let go of that which no longer serves us. Allow the fire to transmute that which you're letting go of and bring about a new found sense of peace for your journey ahead.

  • Feel the fire in your belly ignite the passion within, that courageous spirit that is fuelled by a burning desire to be the best possible man you can be.

  • If you have brought along your own percussion instruments, think drums, rattles, tapping sticks, tonight is the night to bring it along.

  • Bring with you the intention of something you’re letting go.

  • Ceremonial clothing is optional, ideas such as ponchos, cloaks etc. 


MONDAY 1PM | Closing Ceremony

  • Join us for the potent closing ceremony to reflect back on the power of the weekend, to acknowledge the bravery of all men, and to begin integrating the new versions of ourselves.

  • May our journey ahead be blessed, knowing that we no longer have to walk alone. This is one that you will absolutely want to be a part of & to witness.

  • The surprise we have for you here is not to be missed!



Mini pies • Sausage rolls • Fruit platters

Hunter's meat stew, bread roll • Thai vegetable curry, steamed fragrant rice, naan bread • Garden salad, salad dressing • Dessert • Selection of small sweets


Spiced man beans, toast soldiers • Sauté mushrooms and spinach • Baked eggs
• Grilled tomatoes, herbs, balsamic • Beef chipolatas • Hash browns
Mixed berry granola cups • Chai chia breakfast berry pudding • Fresh fruit Platter • Coconut/mango smoothie

Falafel, spinach, hummus, and roasted vegetable wrap • Lamington • Beef jerky • Spiced mixed nuts


Garlic roasted pumpkin, parsnips, potatoes and carrots • Vegetable Wellington, duxelle crust • Thyme roasted chicken drumsticks • Stuffed potato skins, ratatouille 
• Sun Blushed tomato arancini • Charred corn ribs

 Carvery Station

“Roast Pork and Crackle” Yorkshire pudding, apple sauce, gravy
Live Cooking

“Pan fried colcannon potato cakes” 


Broken Caesar salad, soft eggs • Mexican tortilla chip salad, sriracha mayo • Tossed garden salad, croutons, red wine dressing • Coleslaw • Salted potato salad, rosemary, chive 

Banoffee pie tartlet • Mud cake bites, fresh fresh, strawberries • Tim tam cheesecake
Apple and rhubarb crumble, vanilla ice-cream • Sticky date pudding, vanilla ice-cream • Chocolate mousse cups, torched pavlova


Gruyere cheese and tomato croissants • Grilled maple bacon • Spiced man beans, toast soldiers • Baked eggs • Sauté potatoes, onions, spinach • Hash Browns
Bircher muesli cups • Chocolate, raspberry muffins • Peanut nut butter rice cakes • Chai chia breakfast berry pudding • Fresh fruit platter • Banana smoothie

Ras El Hanout pumpkin, salad wrap • Leek and potato tartlet • Date and coconut slice • Whole fruit


  • While all care has been taken to provide healthy well-rounded food choices, please take self-responsibility where any allergies or intolerances exist.

  • YES there is VEGAN* + GLUTEN FREE* OPTIONS. *ONLY for those who have ordered this option when purchasing their ticket.

  • Coffee/tea – YES, we have a coffee van on site to purchase at your own cost.


Festival Timetable

We look forward to meeting you and supporting you on this breakthrough weekend of Brotherhood Awakening!


With gratitude,

Ryan, Jaime, Tracy & Larissa

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